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“…what category would I classify my house under? That’s a hard one. I really don’t classify my style of music anything other than House. I can give some of the elements in my “style” of house: plenty organic instrumentation: horns, vocals, congas, and funk…massive amounts of funk.”

“Dropping unadulterated House since 1997.”

That is how followers would describe JustMike as a DJ. Going on two decades of Djing experience JustMike has done it all—from opening sets to peak hour, from humble venues to large venues—allowing him to graciously move up the ranks as a local prominent House DJ. Most consider 
him a local legend.
Born and raised in the El Paso / Juarez, MEX area, some of JustMike’s influences derive from the sounds of his home and hometown. Other influences, past and present, include Julius Papp, Fela Kuti, Negrocan, Miguel Miggs and Inaki Santos to name a few. His participation in the scene since 1993 allowed JustMike 
to be exposed to all sorts of music genres and DJs—allowing for a well-rounded musical and technical development—contributing to the style he plays today. Count on, subtle to blaring horns, infections bass 
lines, neatly groomed acoustic guitar plucks, flaring vocals all fused with some sensible synthetic riffs. To say the least, his distinct style and his humble down-to-earth demeanor have earned him the pleasure to headline events and DJ abroad.

Dj collective, Audio Visual Rentals​

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